Kinnelon Dermatology Associates is proud to offer an exceptionally talented MOHs Surgeon to it's patients.  Dr. David Ciocon is s Board Certified Dermatologists who have additional training in eradicating Skin Cancers in the comfort of our office. Please visit our "Physicians" page for more information on our Surgeon. 

Skin Cancers can be treated in a variety of ways depending upon the type of cancer, location and recurrence rate. There are times when some skin cancers will have the best rate of success by using a specific surgery called Mohs. Mohs Surgery is a method where the skin cancer is removed in multiple layers which allow for the healthy skin surrounding the cancer to be spared.

A Mohs Surgeon is a dermatologist who has completed additional training after completing medical school, an internship and three years of dermatology residency. After that he or she is accepted into a fellowship where special instruction in the procedure is offered. The highly specialized nature of the procedure has traditionally limited the number of trained Mohs surgeons in this country. 

The day of your surgery, you should plan on eating a good breakfast and take your medications as directed. Often you will be at the office for several hours and we suggest you bring book or magazine to read. We often request that someone accompany you on the day of the surgery to provide companionship and to assist you in getting home.

You will be awake during the procedure. The area will be numbed by a local anesthetic. Your surgeon and their team will remove the cancerous tissue which will then be processed by a specially trained technician into microscope slides. These slides are then examined by your surgeon for evidence of any remaining cancer cells. If any cancer cells are present, they are able to go back and remove additional layers in areas only where the cancer is persistent during the same visit. This process is repeated until no cancer cells are present in the specimen.  When you are discharged from the office, all of the cancerous tissue will have been removed. 

You will be sent home with wound care instructions and will be scheduled for a follow up visit to remove your stitches in a few weeks.


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